GBT's Value Company Profile

Corporate Positioning:

Global comprehensive service provider of automotive fashion refit!


Become the world's leading automobile refitting enterprise by innovation!

Business operation idea:

Customized products industrialization, and industrial products customization.

Brand proposition:

Get Best Trips.

PRODCTION introduce

Aiming at Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Toyota and other users, GBT has continuously launched more than a hundred modification products. GBT has been advocating the development idea of "customized products industrialization, and industrial products customization" in the car refitting industry. In Germany, Dubai, Chinese Taipei and other regions, there are refit program collection and research and development centers, with professional design and development team, to meet the personalized needs of high-end car refit users. In terms of quality, all GBT products are made of PP polypropylene, the high-end material of the original car. After 5 links, 10 procedures and 15 sets of spare parts assembling, the products are tested for more than 1200 hours, and finally the best products are presented to every user.

Cooperation Win-Win

GBT strives to build an "open", "professional" and "win-win" partnership. To this end, GBT has built four systems of "unique products, customer service, warehousing and logistics, and brand operation", so as to protect the high rapid profits of partners.