G500 plus, wild restyling – does not afraid of being great!

2019-11-29 13:54


The reasons that all of us like The "Big G" are its classic square appearance, the ultra-high-strength trapezoidal frame, the full-time four-wheel drive with front, rear mechanical differential locks, the powerful and exhaustive V8 engine. Does not of afraid of being great since the creation, realize its true potential through the restyling.


As the restyling industry expert, GBT lived up to expectations for the new product-G500 PLUS version of the "Wild Body kit". This new product development concept is based on the upgrade of the "Big G" high-profile character, and is the first step for upgrade to G63.

In 2019, the G500 still continued the previous military style, high-profile wild style, and pursuit of the individuality. Further modification and upgrade, let you know what is the real "suit elite", add domineering on the original basis, while vaguely revealing a touch of fashion and elegance.


Car front modification scheme includes: grille, headlight frame, wheel eyebrow, front bumper, grille front bumper, the left and right sidesteps, the lower guardrail of the front bumper, and license plate. Car front upgrade is an important part that determines the stylish appearance of the vehicle and reflects the texture. The medium mesh bright strip adopts electroplating technology; the product has higher brightness, better quality and longer durability. The overall texture is obviously stronger; the three-spoke chrome plating of the grid has a hollow design, and the bumper has been redesigned to make the front of "Big G" look thicker. The headlight frame is custom designed according to the model; the composition of the upgraded front bumper and the front bumper lower guard plate highlights the "Big G" line and the tough wind.

Rear bumper modification

There are obvious differences before and after the modification, and the overall style after the modification has more high-profile off-road appearance.


The change of grille is the most obvious. The consistent horizontal grille has been replaced by a straight waterfall-type medium net, and has more bright and cool appearance. Electroplating process, the quality of the work that cannot be matched, and ingenuity details.

The shape of the grille and the front bumper has also been changed. At the same time, the decorative strips around the front grille have been matte and silver coated. Nowhere is the emphasis on distinctive wildness. It can't be ignored.

The second step of the "Wild upgrade" off-road style. The most striking thing is that the front bumper, headlights and uncompromising rough lines tailored for the car are more in line with the off-road nature of Mercedes-Benz G.


There are always infinite possibilities for the modification of the "Big G". In the pursuit of individuality and handsome off-road transmission, GBT can always give you more choices. The B version is modified, and upgraded, there is no best, only better. This upgrade includes: front bumper, front bumper trim, small cover, top wing, top wing light, and rear wing.