GBT|| Is there anything new about 2018 Prado design?

2019-11-29 14:08

The body kits year 2010_2017 upgrade to 2018 for Prado sees some big changes, with a new look.
2010-2017 prado upgrade to 2018
Is there anything new about 2018 Prado design?
2018 Prado design

The face lifted version of the Prado undoubtedly takes the boxy off-roader and makes it more appealing to the majority of consumers. It is, dare we say it, good looking now than before.
2018 Prado design

The exterior of this model you see here, with its brilliant headlights and DRLs(Day Running Lights), which look so much better than the old version. The new shape of the headlights accentuates the width of the Prado, as does the new grille treatment.
2018 Prado design
And while nothing has changed if you look at it from side-on (aside from different wheel designs), the Prado somehow looks more muscular than it did.
2018 Prado design

The tail-lights have black surrounds, and the rear door has been neatened up a touch, too.

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This is a facelift done right. And we thinks the the new version looks even cool again.

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