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  • Body Kit Installation - Weekend DIY or Professional Shop?

    At GBT, we understand how deeply the appeal of side skirts, grille, DRL, rear light, wheel trims, custom replacement bumper and covers, and other components included in body kits runs in the blood of automotive enthusiasts. We know, because we've adde...


  • GBT|| Is there anything new about 2018 Prado design?

    The body kits year 2010_2017 upgrade to 2018 for Prado sees some big changes, with a new look....


  • Jump on the driving adventure across Tibet



  • G500 plus, wild restyling – does not afraid of being great!

    As the restyling industry expert, GBT lived up to expectations for the new product-G500 PLUS version of the "Wild Body kit". This new product development concept is based on the upgrade of the "Big G" high-profile character, and is the first step for ...