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GBT is a global comprehensive service provider of automotive fashion refit, GBT make set design and development, production management, market layout, brand operation as one, committed to the ultimate refit experience into every car, and each user, to meet the personality of life, to create the ultimate journey!

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CSE was born in Essen, Germany in 1999, we designed and made the body kits for Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, BMW and TOYOTA. In 2014, GBT wholly acquired the German CSE brand and relocated its manufacturing plant and part of the r&d departments to China. CSE is born with German descent, and has international professional r&d team. CSE is committed to customize the body kits with original design for different types and different car models.

GBT Team Management
GBT Team Management

GBT specializes in car modification, international technology R&D team, and German standard production. So far, the head office has professional development and design team more than 40 people, the sales team more than 80 people, the factory production staff more than 200 people, and the professional technical team of more than 20 people are waiting to serve you.

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